Announcing our October Release

Our engineers have been hard at work over the Summer developing for Radar. Here is a breakdown of the new features that have been added to Radar over the weekend.

Report Options:

Users now have the ability to customize report headers, footers, and titles in Radar. These settings will look familiar to any of our users who have migrated from our Classic solution and are a much-needed feature for those using Classic reports. These options are also used on the Covers & Disclosures and Billing reports.  

To access these settings go to Administration > Settings > Report Options


Transaction Queues:

Users now have the ability to add multiple transactions in radar and have the performance calculations run at the end. This will improve the workflow and speed when adding manual transactions.

When entering transactions, if the user clicks on either “Save & New” or
Save & Clone“, the transaction and performance recalculation will be put into a queue until the user chooses “Save” or “Save & Close“. The number of pending transactions is displayed below the save buttons.


Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Reports emailed to you using the offline reports feature now include a list of any reports that failed.
  • The grid in the “add new items” section of batch sets is now displayed by default (instead of having to input text into the search box to get the grid to display).
  • Extended our timeout window when adding transactions.
  • Fixed a bug on the price grid that caused a crash for some users.
  • Fixed a bug that prompted users to download a report even if it had crashed.

If you encounter any bugs or issues please report them to or give us a call at (301) 387-3238 ext. 3

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How to use the Global Activity tab to ensure all of your fees are debited

The Global Activity tab is a great way to be sure that all of the fees that you submit for debiting get processed.  Cash shortages and changing account permissions can sometimes interfere with you collecting your all of your fees.

An easy check is to open the Global Activity tab, put in the date or date range that fees were debited, and sum the column at the bottom.


You can either use the filter at the top to specify fees, or filter the grid column using the column filter.   To sum the Dollars column, just right-click the space just below the column, and click “Sum”.

Now just compare the summed value to the amount of the total in your management fees review sheet (debited fees only).  The totals should match!

The Global Activity tab is also a great way for you to check trades, deposits and withdrawals on a global scale.

Thanks to Bob Veres and Jean Sinclair for an excellent conference

Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum conference just keeps getting better year after year. We really enjoyed visiting with our clients and catching up with many old friends last week.   The venue, which was the historic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, was amazing.

There was a large emphasis on robo-advisors and how they are beginning to play a complementary role in professional financial advisory firms.

There was also much discussion about how the new Dept. of Labor fiduciary rule is impacting advisors and how the robos can participate in digital management IRA accounts that now must be managed.

Congratulations to Skip Schweiss, Managing Director of Retirement Plan Services at TD Ameritrade, for winning this year’s Insiders Forum leadership award.  According to Bob Veres, Skip played a major role in Washington lobbying for the new DOL ruling.  Rob Major and Skip go back 17 years and all of us here at AssetBook want to congratulate him for his valiant efforts.

skip Skip Schweiss

We got word that next year’s Insiders Forum will be held in Nashville, TN.  We will definitely be there and hope to see you there too!

How to switch out an Investment in an Investment Model

Last week one our clients was trying to change one of the investments in an investment-based model, and unintentionally changed the symbol in an investment.  This caused havoc in their database because the symbol is the key linkage for investment records and the custodial data feed.

This action resulted in a full database backup restore from the date that the symbol was changed.  Thankfully, not much work was lost.  As a reminder, the key fields that serve a “linkages” to our custodial data feeds are the symbol and the cusip for investments and account numbers for accounts.

We thought it would be a good idea to show users how to switch out an investment in an investment model.

When you want to change an investment in an investment model, you need to first delete the investment that needs to be removed.  To do this, just click the trash can beside the investment that needs to be removed.


For example, say you want to replace Fidelity Mid Cap Stock with Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth:


Once FMCSX has been removed, add Franklin Mid Cap Growth (FRGSX) by choosing it from the investment drop-down list.

capture3Now add in your Target and Tolerance percentages, then click Add:

Finally, just make sure that your total percentage for the Model is 100%.


Insider’s Forum 2016

Conference season is upon us and AssetBook officially kicks off our fall campaign “Be Your Self” with AssetBook at the Bob Veres Insider’s Forum 2016 conference next week in San Diego.

AssetBook’s Founder Rob Major and VP of Business Development David Robertson will be representing AssetBook at the conference at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado.

AssetBook integrates with best of breed integration partners so that advisors can implement the perfect technology solutions for their firm.


Just like a selfie every firm is unique and we want you to #BeYourSelfie. That’s why at the 2016 Insider’s Forum we are hosting a selfie scavenger hunt for a chance to:


If you are at the conference be sure to stop by our booth, where we will be giving away selfie sticks. While you are there you can learn about how our portfolio management system can integrate with your firm’s technology solutions.

Upcoming InvestorView Webinars in September

Our client portal partners, ModestSpark will be holding several webinars this month. These webinars focus on key features, best practices, and deep-dives on specific topics.

Here’s what is coming in September:

Document Center – Deep Dive & Best Practices

Audience: Administrators and Advisors
Description: The Document Center is a key feature within ModestSpark. With unlimited storage and easy access for you and clients, the Document Center is a vital place to securely store quarterly reports, invoices, and other important documents. Learn more about the use of Document Center, tips/tricks to increase adoption and migration of documents into Document Center.

Thursday, September 8 @ 10:00am PST

Headlines & Visualizations – The Admin’s Guide

Audience: Administrators
Description: With ModestSpark, there are dozens of headlines and visualizations to choose from. This webinar goes into detail on the most popular headlines and key visualizations by examing the content behind the headlines/visualizations and identifying the data requirements for each.

Tuesday, September 13 @ 8:00am PST

Customer Rollout – Best Practices

Audience: Administrators and Advisors
Description: The big day is here – it’s time to roll out ModestSpark to your customers! This webinar shares best practices we’ve learned from our customers on how to approach the rollout, strategies for launch and marketing this great service to your clients. This should be a high-value webinar for those customers prepping for a rollout as well as those that have already rolled out as we’ll share post-rollout tips to keep your clients engaged!

Tuesday, September 20 @ 10:00am PST

On-boarding QuickStart

Audience: New Customers (Administrators)
Description: This session walks new customers through the onboarding process. From data imports to configuration and rollout activities, we’ll cover the basics to get you started!

Wednesday, September 21 @ 8:00am PST
Wednesday, September 28 @ 8:00am PST


Radar Billing Statement Account Comment Feature

Here is a quick tip on how users can easily add a comment just below an account on a Radar Billing Statement.

This is a handy feature when users need to credit a portion or all of a fee back to a client, indicate some sort of discount or pro-ration to a fee, or any other reason a simple comment is needed.

It’s easy!  Just open the account that you wish to add the comment, and enter the comment in the account notes field surrounded by {}’s.

For example, to indicate a credit:


Just be sure to include the {}’s and the result will look like this (highlighted for this demonstration):BillingNote

Zoomed in:



PowerUp with AssetBook!

Are you using all of RADAR’s superpowers? Join AssetBook’s team of heroes at the 2016 PowerUp Conference and become a Power User!

Be the Hero Your Firm Needs

No radioactive waste or spider bites required!

PowerUp will help users familiarize themselves with features they may not be using and receive best practice advice to improve operational efficiency. PowerUp provides a great way to receive hands-on tips and techniques. Not just from our team but other advisors that use the system every day.