How to use the Global Activity tab to ensure all of your fees are debited

The Global Activity tab is a great way to be sure that all of the fees that you submit for debiting get processed.  Cash shortages and changing account permissions can sometimes interfere with you collecting your all of your fees.

An easy check is to open the Global Activity tab, put in the date or date range that fees were debited, and sum the column at the bottom.


You can either use the filter at the top to specify fees, or filter the grid column using the column filter.   To sum the Dollars column, just right-click the space just below the column, and click “Sum”.

Now just compare the summed value to the amount of the total in your management fees review sheet (debited fees only).  The totals should match!

The Global Activity tab is also a great way for you to check trades, deposits and withdrawals on a global scale.