Holiday Hours

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at AssetBook!

Our office will be closed on Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We will resume normal business hours on Monday, November 28th.

Upcoming InvestorView Webinars in November

Our client portal partners, ModestSpark, will be holding several webinars this month. These webinars focus on key features, best practices, and deep-dives on specific topics.

Here’s what is coming in November:

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) – Sneak Peek

Audience: Administrators and Advisors
Description: 2-factor auth is coming to Modestspark! With security for you and clients always a top priority, 2FA is a great feature you should know about. Learn more about the upcoming release containing 2FA and how to use these new capabilities.

Wednesday, November 30 @ 10:00am PST

Document Center – Deep Dive & Best Practices

Audience: Administrators and Advisors
Description: The Document Center is a key feature within Modestpark. With unlimited storage and easy access for you and clients, the Document Center is a vital place to securely store quarterly reports, invoices, and other important documents. Learn more about the use of Document Center, tips/tricks to increase adoption and migration of documents into Document Center.

Tuesday, November 22 @ 8:00am PST

On-boarding QuickStart

Audience: New Customers (Administrators)
Description: This session walks new customers through the onboarding process. From data imports to configuration and rollout activities, we’ll cover the basics to get you started!

Tuesday, November 29 @ 10:00am PST


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How to assign multiple households to one InvestorView user name

It’s easy to assign multiple households to a single InvestorView username.  There are a number of reasons that advisors may want to do this.  For example, if an advisor is managing multiple households for a family and each of those households needs to be accessed by the primary trustee.

In order to accomplish this, simply choose each of the ClientID’s (your AssetBook household name), when registering a user.

From the main client list in the Administrator portal, click the Register button. Fill in the email (this is the username) and Display Name (which is how your client will view their own name in the portal).

Next, pick each ClientID to be attached to the username by picking each client from the drop-down list.


The result will be that when the user log’s into the portal, there will be links to each household that is linked to the user.

You can also add a household(s) to a username that has already been registered. From the Administrator portal, click Clients, Registered Users and then the Clients tab.

Next, click the small arrow just to the left of your registered user, and then Update.


Finally, just add the households that you wish to assign to this username.


Save and you are all done.

Watch this blog for a follow up post on how you can also add multiple usernames (or emails) to a single household.


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