InvestorView Summer 2016 Update

Announcing our June 2016 Release!

We’d like to take a minute to share with you the new features that have been added to InvestorView the past few months. We’ll also talk about what we’re working on next.


Advisors & Clients have the ability to define, track and manage Goals within InvestorView. Goals can be created as “% Complete” (track a goal against a target value) or “Checklist” (where you define a list of items for completion). Goals can also be linked to your managed assets (portfolio market value or contributions/withdrawals) for auto-tracking of its completion %!

  • New menubar link for Goals (can be enabled from your Configuration Settings)
  • Admin / Advisor Goals page (shows Goals across all Clients)
  • Easy UI to view and manage Goals (Advisor / Client accessible)
  • Visible within the Review (Advisor accessible)

Net Worth Reporting:

We’re already providing dynamic, interactive reporting on the managed wealth side of the house so it made sense to add support for outside held assets AND liabilities (through our integration as well as manually entered values) and generate a Net Worth Statement.

  • New Net Worth Headline (can be enabled from your Configuration Settings)
  • New Net Worth Statement (available in Statement Center under the “Past” time period selector)
  • Ability for Advisors / Clients to manually enter Assets and Liabilities (from the Headline or Statement)

InvestorView Document Center – New UI Uplift:

New with this release is a ‘freshened up’ user interface for the Document Center. Given the tremendous popularity of the InvestorView Document Center, we felt it was important to help users find and view their documents easier. So we’ve added two new ways of looking at documents within the Document Center:

  • Grid View (card-like way to view files)
  • Tree View (folder structure based on file Categories)

In addition to the new views, the standard list view has an enhanced detail view that provides a cleaner interface.

We’ve also added Messages to Documents (optional; can be enabled in your Configuration Settings) that allow Advisors & Clients to post short Messages regarding documents. These messages can help users (both Advisors & Clients) understand a bit more about the files or provide context to their contents and importance.


Get rid of the sticky notes. Now within the application, you can quickly create reminders for you and for your clients. While you’re right there within the Portal, you can now create a reminder for yourself (“Remind me tomorrow that I need to call Fred Smith”) or create a client-facing reminder (“Remind Fred that he needs to bring his signed forms with him to the meeting on Friday”) that helps remind a client of an important task.

  • Quickly create Reminders (Advisor / Admin Dashboards)
  • Email reminder sent to your inbox on the due date
  • Make a reminder a “Client-facing reminder”
  • Reminder UI (Advisor / Admin ) that shows reminders across all Clients

Households – Admin UI Uplift:

Managing Households is a central administrative activity within the application. Households are the way to group portfolios for your Clients to view and we’ve made the administration of that easier with a new UI designed to simplify the creation and management. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • New UI that helps Admins understand the details around a Household
  • Support multiple Advisors for a Household
  • Better auditing with “Last Viewed” (internal/external) tracking

Other Stuff:

We’re always dedicating time to make things easier. Here are some new features across the entire platform:

  • Links – ability to add outside web “links” for Clients (Administrators manage the Links; visible from a “Links” menubar item)
  • New Data Fields (Positions) – SMA Account, SMA Acct Description, SMA Asset Class, SMA Sector Code
  • New Social/Branding Field – YouTube Channel
  • Numerous UI fixes/cleanup for table exports, sorting and styling
    Coming this Summer

We’re already at work on our next release. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Touchpoints (Email Summaries that you can send to Clients)
  • 2-Factor Authentication (enhanced security)
  • Branding color-palettes (for chart colors)

We appreciate your support & trust!